Preventive Maintenance

When should your air conditioner be preventative serviced?

Maintenance of air conditioning must be carried out whenever any problems, faults or noises are found in the appliance.In addition, the ineffectiveness of AC system must be observed or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition, maintenance must be performed at predetermined intervals to prevent the possibility of failures in the AC system or the degeneracy of the operation of an equipment or system. Periodic maintenance also prevents waste or leakage of electrical energy, thereby reducing energy consumption costs.


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Advantages of doing preventive maintenance of air conditioning periodically:
  • Effective reduction of electricity costs.
  • Increased protection against voltage drops.
  • Obtain pure air, free of bacteria responsible for respiratory diseases.
  • Reduction of expenses with exchange of parts, breads and breaks of apparatus, avoiding breaks.
  • Promotes increased efficiency of your air conditioning equipment.
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